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Douglas Forms
Please consider us an eager and reliable source for:
Other Reasons to Choose
Douglas Forms and Printing, Inc.:
  • Familiarity with the specs and receiving requirements of all major fullfillment providers
  • Shipping points near all major fulfillment houses
  • Familiarity with in-house fulfillment
    software programs in use
  • “Hands-on” understanding of magazine circulation
  • Competitively priced on orders of any size
  • Flexible turnaround times – able to handle any urgent “rush” requirements
Partial Client List
American Forest Foundation/
Woodland Magazine
Army Aviation Magazine
Art Forum
Bayshore History / Civil War
Business Journals, Inc.
Classic Chevy
Card Player
Cambey & West
Earl Graves Publishing
Fellowship of St. James
Group Publishing
Historical Enterprises
Maplegate Media
Mariah Media/Outside Mag
May Media/Kiwi Magazine
The Mennonite
Montana Magazine
Plough Quarterly
Prufrock Press
Publishing Mgmt. Associates
Howard White & Associates
Retail Vision
Dr. Andrew Weil/Self Healing

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